Added governance, flexibility, and control

On September 18, we deployed our latest release of the IXUP encrypted data sharing and collaboration platform. That means it’s time to tell you about the great new features you can now access – from governance improvements to added data flexibility. There are five main additions to cover, so let’s get straight into them:


1. Five Safes Approvals Process

Responding to increasing demand for companies to be compliant with the Australian Government’s new data governance policies, IXUP has introduced ‘The Five Safes Framework’ as a core function within our platform. Developed by the UK Data Service, this internationally recognised framework takes a multi-dimensional approach to minimising disclosure risk. This gives IXUP users two primary security and governance benefits. First, it provides you with an easy to use and understand mechanism for controlling how your data is managed in line with your security policies. Additionally, the framework is backed by an improved audit trail and versioning system so all analytics performed on the IXUP platform can be easily retrieved for audit purposes.


2. Contractual Specification + Digital Signatures

When sharing data and collaborating between third parties, it’s important to maintain complete and unambiguous records of the arrangement. With our new Contractual Specification feature, the IXUP platform can generate a printable PDF document that comprehensively describes the collaboration for review and sign off – all with a single click of a button. Furthermore, this is strengthened by the integration of DocuSign electronic signatures, which also enables support for Two-Person Integrity (TPI) approvals for particularly sensitive collaborations.


3. Expanded Analytics Options – Protected Compute

The key to sharing and collaborating with data is ensuring you have the right degree of flexibility and protection in place to balance utility with security. This release includes expanded analytics options for users that want to perform machine learning on subsets of de-identified data and then repatriate the results back into the encrypted analytics environment. IXUP calls this ‘Protected Compute’, an innovative fusion of our tokenisation and encrypted private set intersection (PSI) capability. This allows you to train machine learning models and leverage other off-platform analytics without compromising PII data.


4. Probabilistic Range Filtering

In response to client needs, IXUP has now introduced probabilistic range filtering to provide users with even more options when it comes to working with encrypted data. It gives you the ability to perform encrypted matches on ranges of data (a set of financial transactions, for example) that occurred over a given time period. It also supports probabilistic matching over any numeric range, such as ages, enabling users to answer an even broader variety of important business questions.


5. Enhanced Client-Side Processing Capability

Secure data collaboration should also be easy and flexible, so we have now added a web-based ingestion capability that works in conjunction with our client-side Encryption Gateway application to provide users with a more integrated user experience, but with uncompromised security.


If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with our support crew and we’ll be happy to take you through any of these enhancements in more detail.