IXUP helps organisations manage data risks.

Connect and securely collaborate with data outside of your organisation with 100% control, security and privacy.


We focus on security so you can focus on value.

IXUP Limited (ASX:IXU) (pronounced ‘eyes up’) is a pioneering technology company that has developed world class software facilitating the secure sharing and analysis of sensitive information using advanced encryption technology.

The Company’s Secure Data Engine is the missing ‘key’ to organisations ‘unlocking’ their information assets previously unable to be shared or commercialised due to concerns around privacy, cyber security, and compliance considerations.

IXUP’s Secure Data Engine is being commercialised at a crucial junction when the need to share and drive revenue from sensitive data and dormant data assets is becoming more important yet more difficult to achieve.


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How does IXUP create value for organisations?

Watch this explainer video to learn how the IXUP platform secures data analytics, enabling multiple parties to analyse data sets together, without the risk of their data being exposed to another party.

We hold the highest standards of information security.

Our ISO/IEC 27001 information security management certification is evidence of our strong focus on information security across our internal processes and systems.

Our certification provides assurance to clients globally of our ability to maintain the security of sensitive information and meet strict data compliance requirements.

We are an approved government supplier.

IXUP is an approved cloud services supplier to the Australian Federal Government and complies with the internationally recognised ‘Five Safes’ risk management framework.

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