“Suddenly you realise you’re looking forward and there’s no one else to follow. It’s new thinking.”

– Dean Joscelyne, Founder of IXUP

In 2011, IXUP was founded to create a future where organisations can work together to solve problems. Where data, enriched through trusted collaboration, unlocks the full story of your customers and organisation. Where you don’t have to put your business at risk to innovate.

That future is data collaboration. Join us, and discover what your competitors can’t see.


Our story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The inspiration for IXUP came from a digital marketing agency’s desire to more efficiently service its clients.

Few organisations want to give access to their treasured data to any other party – including their partners. So how can you gain the benefits of collaboration without sharing? Can you hand over data on a temporary basis? How would one be sure it was deleted afterwards? Does an intermediary solve this, or is this just sharing with middlemen?

This is how IXUP’s secure data collaboration environment began, as an answer to some of the toughest challenges in the field. With a unique software environment built on a novel approach to data matching, IXUP was developed to facilitate data collaboration, securely.

From this solution, a company was formed, now listed on the ASX and bringing together some of the most forward-thinking, innovative minds.

At IXUP, our goal is to help organisations unearth the value in their data, to uncover insights they need for growth and to enable the innovation that true collaboration, in a trusted, secure environment can achieve.

Leadership team

Combining our collective expertise to pioneer the future of data collaboration.

Dean Joscelyne
Founder & Executive Director

Dean founded IXUP in 2011 in response to identifying a gap in the market to help organisations make better decisions using more powerful data insights. Dean has over 25 years’ experience driving enterprise transformation and improving customer experience.

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Tim Ebbeck

Tim has over 30 years’ business experience in a range of roles and industries. Previously, Tim was MD of Oracle in Australia and New Zealand, and Chief Commercial Officer of NBN Co. Prior to NBN Co he was CEO of SAP in Australia and New Zealand.

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David Bonham
Chief Financial & Operating Officer

David has over 25 years’ experience in business spanning various leadership roles. Prior to IXUP, David held the roles of Managing Director of Bupa Dental Corporation, General Manager at the Lynch Group Australia and Finance Manager at Tyco Safety Products.

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Paul Coe
Chief Technical Officer

Paul brings more than 15 years’ experience in large transformation programs that deliver complete enterprise business end-to-end solutions. Prior to IXUP, Paul held roles at Corum Group Australia, Study Group and PBL Media.

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Anthony Turco
EVP & Head of Product

Anthony brings over 20 years of technology experience in various leadership roles at large-scale, multi-national software companies and start-ups. Prior to IXUP he held roles at Bigtincan, LetMobile, Novell and TruSecure.

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Tim Scott
Head of Strategic Engagements

Tim brings vast data industry experience to IXUP, having previously held roles at Oracle, IBM, SAP and Versent. Armed with more than 12 years’ experience, Tim has worked in cloud transformation, human capital management and business development.

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Rob Mills
Head of Sales

Rob brings 29 years’ experience in sales of class-leading collaboration, information governance, information security, and data sharing solutions. Prior to working at IXUP, Rob was Global Vice President, Connect Solutions for Objective Corporation.

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