The IXUP Story

IXUP – pronounced “Eyes Up” – is a technology company that was established to find ways to harness the expanding abundance of data and to deliver insights from information, securely and responsibly.


How IXUP Works

Data has evolved from a by-product of transactions and interactions to the most valuable asset in any organisation. IXUP protects this asset by creating an environment where analytics is conducted on protected, encrypted data using the world’s most advanced encryption protocols.

IXUP delivers insights from data, securely and responsibly. Our software platform safeguards sensitive intelligence while harnessing valuable insights to explain past performance and plot predictions about the future.

As data analytics has become more powerful, it has attracted enforced regulation to ensure the safety and security of personal information. Ahead of far-reaching laws to manage data risks, IXUP developed a software platform that ensures that datasets are fully encrypted and computations are conducted securely. Having fully fortified the data, our patent-protected environment and processes can then deliver enhanced insights from rich data without risking unwanted exposure or breaches.

Multiple parties can match data streams simultaneously, surfacing insights without revealing their underlying confidential information to each other. They always retain complete control over their data assets, meeting their internal governance requirements, and operating within regulated privacy and compliance frameworks.

Our focus is currently on industries like insurance and healthcare that rely heavily on personally identifiable information (PII) that is strictly governed by data privacy regulation. Our solution ensures data analytics can deliver the outcomes you want, securely and responsibly.

Leadership team

Combining our collective expertise to pioneer the future of secure data analytics.

Peter Leihn
Chief Executive Officer

Peter has over 25 years' business experience in senior technology roles in both industry and government, with expertise in data availability, privacy, data innovation models and tech commercialisation. Previously, Peter was the Global Head of Commercial, based in San Francisco for Data61, the Australian Government CSIRO specialist data and technology innovator.

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Dean Joscelyne
Founder & Executive Director

Dean founded IXUP in 2011 in response to identifying a gap in the market to help organisations make better decisions using more powerful data insights. Dean has over 25 years’ experience driving enterprise transformation and improving customer experience.

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Paul Coe
Chief Technical Officer

Paul brings more than 15 years’ experience in large transformation programs that deliver complete enterprise business end-to-end solutions. Prior to IXUP, Paul held roles at Corum Group Australia, Study Group and PBL Media.

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James O'Keeffe
Head of Solution Engineering

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