The global sports data market is in exceptionally high growth

Sports data demand is growing exponentially due to a surge in online gaming and wagering. Deregulation of the US sports…

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IXUP boosts privacy-preserving platform with powerful performance updates

Featuring rapid data ingestion and canvas run initiations, IXUP now delivers its most powerful experience... IXUP has deployed further updates…

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Homomorphic encryption – from a cryptographer’s dream to a business reality

Stricter privacy regulations worldwide have led to a renewed interest in how data can and should be used. Many businesses have been left wondering how to leverage data for competitive advantage…

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Privacy preserving analytics: more important than ever

As businesses across the globe tighten their belts to weather the economic impacts of COVID-19 marketing budgets have suffered significant…

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IXUP strengthens encrypted analytics offering with new capabilities

IXUP has deployed key updates to its privacy preserving data analytics platform improving project management tools. These advances streamline the platform experience, helping customers to achieve rich business insights.  IXUP is a software platform that secures…

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