Sports data demand is growing exponentially due to a surge in online gaming and wagering.

Deregulation of the US sports betting industry is further supporting this huge increase in the demand for sports-related data.

The use of data and insights in sports and associated markets is exploding – however end users require stringent data privacy, security and control protocols to enable the sharing and combined analysis of separate data sets (including first-party and third-party data).

IXUP’s core technology offering has obvious applications to sports data collaboration environments. IXUP’s Secure Data Engine is ‘key’ to unlocking value in the sports data market for all participants who have information assets that they are unable to share or commercialise due to concerns around privacy, compliance and/or cyber security.

Designed specifically for organisations and industries that require the highest assurance of data privacy, IXUP secures analytics with advanced encryption. Joint analytics can be performed and insights shared from sensitive data sets without that data ever being identified or handed over.

IXUP’s strategic repositioning within the large and lucrative sports data market is expected to deliver significant product integration and new product development opportunities and will be strategically guided by a world class team of partners and advisors.

To assist IXUP’s position and technology in this fast-growing international digital sports market we have engaged Matt Davey, Founder – Tekkorp Captial as a Strategic Advisor. Tekkorp brings unrivalled market access and strategic opportunities in the highly aligned international and emerging US digital sports betting sector. Get more insights into Matt a fellow Aussie, in this recent article featured in The Australian.

IXUP’s Secure Data Engine enables sports data to be connected and commercialised in revolutionary ways facilitating new insights, strategies and revenue streams for market participants across the globe. Learn more about how IXUP works.