Featuring rapid data ingestion and canvas run initiations, IXUP now delivers its most powerful experience…

IXUP has deployed further updates to its privacy-preserving data analytics platform – marking another leap forward in performance and cost efficiency.

IXUP is a software platform that secures data analytics and delivers insights across encrypted data. The platform facilitates multiple parties to share and analyse sensitive data sets without that data ever being unlocked, identified or handed over – helping customers achieve richer business insights.

Release 4.2 – Our biggest leap in performance yet

With COVID-19 continuing to take its toll across the global community, the need for IXUP’s advancements in privacy-preserving data analytics has never been greater.

“The pandemic has brought vast data-related challenges, so in this release we wanted to look at how we could deliver increased performance and cost savings for organisations working with data in these trying times” said Paul Wee, Head of Product at IXUP.

At the core of this latest release, IXUP now features a custom storage engine based on a columnar file system abstraction. This means blazing fast data ingestion times at a significantly reduced cost.

“In addition to significant cost savings, we’re delivering an enormous boost to productivity. For instance, users can now ingest 10,000 rows of data for an Exact Match 66% faster than before. This frees up time for the user to do even more valuable work with the data.”

The release further streamlines the canvas run process, with an overall speed boost for canvas run jobs of all sizes.

“This incredible boost in speed means a collaboration that generates 10,000 results is now 40% to 80% faster. The run time for a probabilistic match with two, one million row files is more than 50% faster than before. Combine this with the boost to initiating canvas runs, we’re allowing our users to get answers faster than ever.” Mr Wee added.

“Our mantra for release 4.2 has been ‘faster, less expense’. With our numerous under-the-hood and usability improvements, the IXUP platform delivers an even faster experience for data analysts of all skill levels to perform complex computations on encrypted data. Coupled with our existing breakthroughs in compute parallelisation and elastic scalability, IXUP is undoubtedly the fastest privacy-preserving data analytics platform on the market.” Mr Wee said.

Other inclusions


  • In addition to the ability to drag and drop draft tables onto the design canvas, we’ve added the option for you to browse and select from a File Explorer window.
  • When creating draft tables, we’ve improved our handling of any commas found in column headers, reducing the amount of data cleansing required.
  • We’ve simplified permission management further. All the base permissions are now granted by default, while optional advanced privileges are added as needed.
  • Data Custodians can now be invited into a collaboration directly from the “Overview” tab.
  • The data source field length has been extended.

Bug fixes:

Ingestion will no longer be affected by:

  • Trailing spaces in a Data Custodian name.
  • Leading spaces in a data source location.

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