Partner with other organisations to uncover mutually beneficial insights while preserving privacy.

The privacy challenge.

Consumer data is the currency of modern business. While marketers have been busy grappling with how to create value from their data, a new challenge has been emerging – privacy.

The stakes are high: A study found that two-thirds of customers would walk away from a brand if their privacy was compromised by a data breach1.

When it comes to data analytics, insights alone are no longer enough; customer privacy needs to be guaranteed.

Understand customers and prospects.

A need to understand customer and prospects better is propelling data unification. Since 2017 there’s been an almost 20% growth in use of second-party data like that from consenting brands1.

Share data and run joint analytics in a secure environment with co-marketing partners to transform your marketing efforts.

  • Match joint customers to validate your co-marketing partnership
  • Co-create data-driven marketing and campaign strategies
  • Enrich customer insights to build better customer experiences
  • Determine segment preferences and align promotional offers
  • Personalise marketing and rewards through your loyalty program

Customers insights

Get to know customers better by combining retail data containing transaction information with merchant data who hold demographic information on customers. Using the IXUP platform you could identify potential high growth segments and redirect your marketing spend towards these groups.

Comply with privacy regulation.

More than 100 privacy laws and privacy initiatives are promoted by governments around the world and one-third of marketers find complying with privacy regulations a challenge2.

IXUP’s secure analytics solution ensures that insights can be gained without the information of individuals in the data sets being exposed, ensuring unquestionable compliance with these laws.

Using IXUP’s platform decrypted data never leaves your hands. Data collaborators don’t hand over unencrypted data or encryption keys, solving the potential problems of data loss and misuse.

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Joint marketing campaign 

To create and execute a co-marketing campaign data often needs to be shared and analysed across organisations. This use case explores how two organisations with complementary products analysed their shared customer data without having to reveal any confidential information, in order to identify a subset of customers with the most potential, to help inform their joint promotional campaign.

Analyse data securely.

The sophisticated encryption and security provided by the IXUP platform maintains full usability of data so advanced analytics can be performed and rich insights generated.

The platform’s intuitive and easy to use format also allows marketers to access insights without waiting on IT or business analysts.

References: 1. Gemalto. Data Breaches & Customer Loyalty 2018 2. Salesforce. State of Marketing. 2019

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