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   31/03/2020        Videos

Use cases

The IXUP platform was not fundamentally created for a specific business use case and ...

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   26/06/2019        Videos

Secure your data analytics

Learn how the IXUP platform preserves privacy by securing analytics, enabling sensitive data sets ...

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   13/12/2018        Brochures

IXUP corporate brochure

IXUP is a world-leading encrypted data analytics platform that enables sharing and analysis of ...

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   13/12/2018        Articles

What is data collaboration?

More than a definition – here’s what you need to know about data ...

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   05/11/2018        Articles

The best of ‘frenemies’ use secure data collaboration

There are times when even the fiercest rivals need to work together, be ...

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   21/08/2018        Articles

Better than a cure: Insurers and data driven early intervention

Too often patients receive treatment for preventable diseases, many of them chronic, long-lasting ...

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   13/06/2018        Articles

A principled approach to software development

IXUP’s absolute adherence to seven principles ensured software that was uncompromising to ...

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   31/05/2018        Articles

All those emails on privacy mean nothing

If you’re like me, you’ve no ...

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   24/04/2018        Articles

The great data dilemma: Data sharing or data collaboration?

How can you unlock your data’s true value while keeping it securely ...

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