Your data analytics secured.

Running analytics across diverse datasets from multiple parties can deliver incredibly valuable business insights and predict future trends, however this increases security and data governance concerns exponentially.

IXUP has a unique analytics environment that allows computations to be performed directly on encrypted data, unlike traditional encryption techniques that require decryption before any data manipulation can be done. Customer data remains encrypted at all times on the platform as
do computational results and all inputs and outputs of the computations performed.

Securing your most valuable resource

Data analytics has become an essential component of all leading organisations. Substantial enhancements in the ability to process big data are driving new capabilities in discovering, understanding and acting on predictive scenarios. 

Organisations increasingly understand the benefits of leveraging enriched data to achieve competitive advantage. Data has become one of the most important assets, holding the key to evaluating past delivery and possible future outcomes. If data has become the world’s
most valuable resource, then secure data analytics is the best tool for organisations to tap these riches.

IXUP’s patented environment operates entirely within the Microsoft Azure cloud and offers a unique governance control protocol that ensures that data is never decrypted and the computations performed are permissioned by the data owners. IXUP offers direct connectivity to all major data warehouses and business intelligence tools.

Secure your data

Securely discover the potential of your data analytics and deliver unmatched insights  


World class encryption protocols protect your analytics, enabling you to focus on harnessing the power of your data.


IXUP’s secure software platform ensures your data analytics is carried out safely within regulatory frameworks.


IXUP’s patented environment permits multiple parties to conduct analytics on their data simultaneously without ever exposing or sharing their confidential information.


IXUP’s approach enhances your risk management policies governing your data analytics.


Data owners trust the IXUP process because they retain full control over their data at all times.

How our technology works for you

IXUP’s platform encrypts and connects data from multiple sources, delivering secure insights within governance and compliance frameworks. Its unique approach solves the problems of data loss and misuse by ensuring that data owners remain in complete control of their datasets.




Using the IXUP platform, a property insurer can work with another organisation that holds a substantial bank of risk assessment and land valuation data to identify underinsured properties in flood-prone areas. The insurer is than equipped with the information it needs to personalise marketing and sales messages for the affected homeowners, inviting them to adjust their policies to ensure their properties are fully covered.


Healthcare providers use the IXUP platform to identify inefficiencies and claims abuse. By bringing their data together to carry out advanced analytics, they can interpret historical information in a more sophisticated manner across various sectors to identify likely future areas of high-risk activity. This allows both insurers and providers to manage their risks accordingly, which in turn helps reduce costs that are ultimately passed on to policyholders and patients. The data analysis takes place in a secure and trusted environment that completely protects the patient data identity, thus meeting stringent privacy regulations.


A women’s lifestyle brand faces increasing competition from new entrants. Accordingly, the company teams up with several retailers, payment platforms, mainstream media and social media platforms. Their jointly agreed strategy is to combine their data streams to identify patterns of consumer behaviour across various demographics, including age, income and location for geo-targeting.

Using IXUP’s secure and compliant platform, the various parties can combine their rich data without breaching any regulatory or privacy constraints. The unique matching technology processes developed by IXUP sifts through all the data to identify patterns.

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