IXUP's Secure Data Engine.

The key to unlocking the true value of your data.

What is datapowa VENN?

datapowa VENN brings secure first-party data collaboration to the world of sport, allowing rights holders and their partners to identify previously inaccessible audience insights.

Secure your data analytics.

Conventionally data tends to be analysed in a decrypted form, putting it at risk. Avoid data loss and misuse by performing analytics on encrypted data.

With IXUP’s Secure Data Engine, valuable data insights can be obtained in a private and secure way. Using encrypted analytics, data sets from multiple sources can be analysed, without the underlying data exposed.

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Enable privacy safe data insights.

Privacy breaches can erode customer trust and cost money.

To stop breaches you don’t need to stop using your data. Responsible and compliant data analytics are possible with new encryption technology applied by IXUP.

IXUP enables insights from data without any parties learning anything about the individuals within the data sets, supporting privacy compliance.

Adopt privacy preserving analytics and make it easy for your customers to trust you with their data.

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Manage data risks.

With the average cost of a data breach in the millions, data governance is paramount to minimise organisational risk.

IXUP’s Secure Data Engine combines superior data security with unique governance protocols to ensure multi-party data analytics are confidential, compliant, auditable, and trusted.

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Harness encrypted-by-design tech.

IXUP’s Secure Data Engine uses advanced encryption and compute techniques allowing collaborative analytics to be performed between organisations on confidential, sensitive, or personal data.

Data is always fully encrypted and each organisation is in control of their data.

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Enrich co-marketing data partnerships.

Co-marketing can be an effective way to identify new customer and product opportunities to elevate partnerships between organisations.

To execute an effective co-marketing campaign data needs to be shared and matched across organisations, leaving each parties data points open to potential risks.

IXUP’s Secure Data Engine makes sharing data between organisations safe and simple without exposing any regulated personal data.

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