Connect | Integrate | Collaborate

IXUP | eyes • up | noun

1. A disruptive software platform designed for secure, fast, and valuable data collaboration between organisations.
2. A methodology and process for connecting organisations, suppliers, partners, customers and their customers to create an integrated data ecosystem.

Connect, integrate and collaborate to unlock the true value of your data

IXUP methodology, process and technology solves the challenge of leveraging data assets with other organisations when you want the benefits of collaboration without losing control of your data.

Organisations use IXUP to build data ecosystems to solve existing challenges and reveal insights which lead to opportunities creating efficiencies and competitive advantage, again, without ever losing control of their data.

Integrate all your data sources

Create a single view of your data; sales, marketing, digital, support, billing, logistics, CRM, product - then collaborate.

No more blind spots. No more customer frustration. No more guesswork.

Add your partners' data, too

Redefine your ecosystem

Collaborate with your data partners to gain better insight, solve strategic problems and create competitive advantage, together.


IXUP identifies your shared customers and paints a complete picture of each.


IXUP highlights new opportunities in your business you may never have considered.

On demand, in real time

No need to hand your sensitive data over to a third party. And no need to wait weeks while they analyse it, only to learn part of what you needed to know... weeks after you needed to know it.

IXUP gives you the information you need. Now.

To create a clean, secure and complete picture

IXUP is a DaaS platform that ingests data from any internal or external source, and creates a clean, integrated and encrypted view of the data.


Data remains encrypted throughout the entire process.


You retain complete control of your data. And so do your partners. You don't give it to someone else.


Automatically protects and controls access with user-based credentials.


Rapid data ingestion, matching, indexing and visualisation.

Self service

Puts information directly into the hands of people who need it most, to make decisions.

Creating endless opportunities


A telco, bank, airline and a retailer collaborate to identify common customers for joint marketing campaigns and new product development.


By layering global transactional records from its banking partner with its own customer data, a travel company can accurately assess market share, regional company performance and market growth.


To learn more about customer preferences and behaviours, a radio network and one of its advertisers collaborate on encrypted data of millions of shared customers, drawing from Facebook profiles, CRMs, market research and competition results.


A telco and handset manufacturer collaborate on tech support and in-store sales data to give staff a comprehensive understanding of shared customers, thereby reducing customer frustration and improving upsell.


A bank's client managers quickly tailor account plans and just-in-time advice using near real time external feeds from the stock exchange, their own transactional data and behavioural alerts.

Who we are

IXUP is an Australian software company founded in 2011 by a team of innovators. We wanted to give businesses a better way to use their data, and securely share it with their partners in order to provide better insights, decisions, and outcomes.

We imagined a world where you decide how, when and with whom you share data. A world where technology silos get out of the way. A world where you never have to give away data or include a ‘middle-man’ to collaborate with another business. A world where the customer comes first and always benefits. It's their data, after all.

IXUP makes that world a reality. It allows you to share data in a way that's completely safe, secure, owner-controlled and customer-focused. If you want this for your business and your customers, please contact us.


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