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Secure Data. Trusted Collaboration.

The future of secure data collaboration is here. Connect multiple data sets, no matter how sensitive and always retain control. Discover how with IXUP’s secure software environment.

Why you need data collaboration

To make the right decisions, you need all the facts – and if you’re analysing your data in isolation, you don’t have all the facts. Sharing data with third parties is slow and insecure – putting your customers and organisation at risk. Data privacy is also a global concern reflected by new legislation in Europe, Australia and around the world, governing the way you can provide customer data to third parties.

To fully understand your business, you need to enrich your data by working with your trusted business partners. Secure data collaboration is the only way to get the information you need, without sharing your data and putting yourself at risk.

With IXUP, you never surrender control of your encrypted data. This makes IXUP the only data collaboration environment that empowers you to innovate. Make better decisions without the risk – and see what your competition can’t.

Enrich your data

Can’t gain enough insights from your own data?

Enrich your data with other organisations’ to find a competive edge.

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Want to make better, data driven decisions?

Don’t share your data, collaborate securely across multiple data sets.

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Data security concerns holding you back?

No third party can access your encrypted data, so you always retain control.

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Endless opportunities

Why should your organisation consider IXUP’s data collaboration environment?

Better understand your customers

Collaborate securely to discover common customer data insights to inform marketing campaigns and increase ROI.

Gain a competitive edge

Layer your data with partner data to more accurately uncover patterns, assess market share, company performance and opportunities to improve strategy.

Enable data-driven decisions

Work with industry peers to identify insights to develop new policy, products, services and offerings.

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