A platform built for privacy safe data analytics and collaboration  

Connect and securely collaborate with data outside of your organisation with 100% control, security and privacy.

The IXUP difference.

Designed specifically for organisations and industries that require the highest assurance of data privacy, security and control, IXUP preserves privacy by securing analytics with advanced encryption.

With IXUP joint analytics can be performed and insights shared from sensitive data sets without that data ever being unlocked, identified or handed over.

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How IXUP works.

Before data even reaches the IXUP platform it is encrypted at source, it is then encrypted during transmission and all matching, processing and computations are performed on encrypted data.

The IXUP platform uses homomorphic encryption at the cellular level, and can run in-depth calculations and analysis on multiple data sets without ever needing to decrypt it.

We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved AES-256 encryption protocol.

The IXUP environment.

IXUP demo

With IXUP you can add collaboration partners and create access rules in minutes. Easily design your collaborations with drag and drop functionality and perform analysis on unencrypted data and repatriate key results back into the shared encrypted environment.


Multi-Party Analytics

Use digital signatures and Two-Person Integrity (TPI) for sign off and more secure collaborations.

Homomorphic Encryption

Undertake complex mathematical computations over encrypted data and harness Microsoft’s SEAL library for homomorphic computations.

Governance & Audit Log

View user reports on all operations performed on your data in real-time, and adhere to Australian Government compliance with The Five Safes Framework built into IXUP.

Fuzzy Matching

Perform privacy-preserving probabilistic record linkage for optimised matching, and probabilistic range filtering to maximise your matches.

Geo Matching

Link and aggregate address results to postcodes or statistical units.

Design Canvas

Employ an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to help run your project.

Reporting Tools

Export your results directly to the tools you love like Power BI or Tableau.

Data Warehouses

Import/Export data from trusted platforms like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, AWS, and Google Cloud Storage.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Operate entirely within the highly secure Microsoft Azure environment.

Five Safes framework

The IXUP platform is supported by world-class governance, underpinned by the Five Safes framework. Helping to ensure the safe use of data, this framework has been developed by the UK Data Service and has been adopted by the Australian Government.

With Five Safes, appropriate controls can be set not just on the data itself, but on the manner in which data are accessed, minimising disclosure risk. Five key dimensions are included: safe people, safe projects, safe settings, safe data and safe outputs.

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IXUP Light

  • Enterprise SaaS License
  • Unlimited Users
  • 8 insight computes on encrypted datasets per month


IXUP Expert

  • Enterprise SaaS License
  • Unlimited Users
  • 30 insight computes on encrypted datasets per month


IXUP Enable

  • PaaS License for OEMs and enterprise customers
  • Run IXUP on your own Azure tenancy
  • Multiple sub-licences for collaborators

Preserve privacy while enabling innovation

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