Encrypted data analytics made easy

Answer important research, business and policy questions by allowing data sets from different parties to be combined and analysed in a secure environment.


Preserve privacy while gaining data insights. 

To uncover richer insights, data are increasingly shared between and within organisations.

Traditionally this meant handing over sensitive data to a third party and/or decrypting data during the process. While slow and costly, the loss of control also exposes organisations to risks like data loss and misuse.

Designed to address these privacy and security concerns, IXUP keeps data safe by providing a platform where advanced analytics can happen on encrypted data.


Protect your data with post-quantum security.

The IXUP Secure Data Engine uses a methodology called homomorphic encryption that enables analytics over data without ever needing to decrypt it. As encryption is at the cellular level your data is 100% encrypted at all times – so it is never seen, handed over, or vulnerable.

Conventional encryption techniques protect data only when it is stored and in transit, but they fail to protect data when it is in use.

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Keep control of your data. 

With IXUP, data collaborators never see the underlying data, so personal information is always protected and stays compliant with privacy regulations.

Data encryption and decryption is performed exclusively client-side. You never hand over your data and you hold the encryption keys at all times; they never enter the IXUP platform.


Govern your data.  

While data on the IXUP platform remains encrypted at all times, we took this a step further by adopting a multi-dimensional approach to data security.

Using Five Safes, the Australian Government endorsed risk framework for data access, clients can assign the level of security control across five safes: people, projects, settings, data and outputs.

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