Confidential collaborative analytics for government & enterprise.

Collaborate securely.

To uncover richer insights, data are increasingly shared and analysed across departments, agencies, or even between competitors.

To maintain public trust and manage privacy and security risks, data sharing must be managed carefully and safely.

IXUP’s secure software environment enables multi-party analytics over encrypted data within strict compliance frameworks.


Minimise disclosure risk.

By using sophisticated encryption, and the risk assessment framework Five Safes, collaborators can place appropriate controls not just on the data itself but on the manner in which data are accessed.

Data management decisions on the IXUP platform are broken up into five ‘dimensions’: data, projects, people, settings and outputs.

By designing and agreeing access upfront, the risks associated with data collaboration can be minimised and a complete governance and audit log can be produced.


Inter-agency collaboration

The IXUP platform is able to facilitate inter-agency collaboration and ultimately contribute to better policy outcomes.  In this example, we look at what can be learned by combining data sets from health, education and police departments and non-government organisations to inform potential early intervention initiatives.

Data Collaboration Explained


Mergers & acquisitions

Determine the potential value of an M&A deal or co-marketing opportunity by sharing market data to find synergies or overlaps in customer bases.

Data Collaboration Explained

Secure Data. Advancing Analytics.

Your data is only part of a bigger story. Imagine being able to enrich it. To uncover hidden insights. To empower innovation, productivity and customer experiences.
With IXUP you can do this – without ever putting your data at risk. Realise the promise of true data collaboration.

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