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Use cases

   31/03/2020        Videos

The IXUP platform was not fundamentally created for a specific business use case and so there is no limit to how the solution can be used. Included below are a few examples of how IXUP can help organisations to gain valuable data insights.

Customers insights

Get to know customers better by combining retail data containing transaction information with merchant data who hold demographic information on customers. Using the IXUP platform you could identify potential high growth segments and redirect your marketing spend towards these groups.

Joint marketing campaign

To create and execute a co-marketing campaign data often needs to be shared and analysed across organisations. This use case explores how two organisations with complementary products analysed their shared customer data without having to reveal any confidential information, in order to identify a subset of customers with the most potential, to help inform their joint promotional campaign.

Inter-agency collaboration

The IXUP platform is able to facilitate inter-agency collaboration and ultimately contribute to better policy outcomes.  In this example, we look at what can be learned by combining data sets from health, education and police departments and non-government organisations to inform potential early intervention initiatives.

Mergers and acquisitions

Determine the potential value of an M&A deal or co-marketing opportunity by sharing market data to find synergies or overlaps in customer bases.

Benchmarking, trends and outlier detection

IXUP can help you take a broader view of your industry vertical by helping to identify trends that might not be apparent in your own isolated data.