The latest release of the IXUP platform – Release 3.7 – went live on Monday 4 November, with a range of powerful enhancements and improvements. These broadly fall into categories covering improved computation performance, more flexible canvas modelling, plus a range of general enhancements. Read on for all the detail…


Improved Homomorphic Computation Performance

Homomorphic encryption is central to the IXUP platform, so our clients will be pleased to know it can now handle more intensive workloads as we’ve significantly improved the performance of running homomorphic computations. Key enhancements include the optimisation of how homomorphic encryption keys are managed, reducing the impact on ingestion time for the number of computations performed. We have also enabled parallelisation of homomorphic computations, which allows the process to leverage Azure scale-out to multiple nodes.

These improvements translate to a significant reduction in homomorphic computation time. Based on our testing, that means you can now expect a 90x increase in speed for large jobs (for example, 1000+ results).


Enhanced Canvas Modelling Flexibility

Maximising time and efficiency for our clients is always top of mind at IXUP. As such, Release 3.7 includes some enhancements and controls that support a more agile data modelling process such as new match thresholds, group counts, and outputs options.


General Enhancements

A range of additional enhancements have also been implemented across the platform aimed at improving the experience of users, ranging from new simple short-cuts to an ability to access more granular feedback. An emphasis has also been placed on better integration with downstream systems through data type management.

That’s it until the next release. Enjoy using IXUP Release 3.7!