IXUP has deployed key updates to its privacy preserving data analytics platform improving project management toolsThese advances streamline the platform experience, helping customers to achieve rich business insights. 

IXUP is a software platform that secures data analytics and delivers insights across encrypted data. The platform facilitates multiple parties to share and analyse sensitive data sets without that data ever being unlocked, identified or handed over. 

Central to the latest release is a suite of consumption management tools, such as the ability to allocate compute resource on a per project basis, usage monitoring alerts and auto-pausing triggers thresholds.  

“With COVID-19 causing budget pressures for many organisations, it’s become even more critical for accurate computation predictions and tracking. With these new consumption management features customers have the means to track closely their spending when performing computations in real-time on our Design Canvas,” said Paul Wee, Head of Product at IXUP. 

The release has also further streamlined how the platform interacts with the cloud. Based on the needs of customer collaborations, the system will automatically provision data warehouses, app service plans, as well as dynamically scale up and down server instances as necessary without any user intervention whatsoever. 

These advances build on additional features launched earlier this year that expanded data modelling and enrichment capabilities empowering users to explore a broader variety of use cases. This included an encrypted left join feature that lets users enrich their data sets with one or more incomplete data sets, and an encrypted exclude feature that allows users to identify subsets of data not found in another data set. 

“Our aim has been to break down the barriers to sophisticated encryption technologies. Our platform provides an easy access point for data analysts of any skill level to perform complex computations on encrypted data. No longer does data need to be decrypted to be analysed and so the risk of data loss and misuse is reduced, Mr Wee added. 

Other Inclusions 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Results can now be generated when an Inner Join is connected to a Probabilistic Filter. 
  • A valid Encryption Gateway URL will now be detected even if it contains a trailing slash. 


  • Audit log – now accessible through both the Data Custodian and Admin Consoles, with improvements to the interface and filtering capabilities. 
  • “Collaboration Purpose” field – maximum character length increased from 100 to 500 characters. 

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