IXUP deployed its latest release this week to help clients generate richer business insights. The IXUP platform enables co-marketing analytics over encrypted data addressing privacy and security concerns associated with data sharing and collaborative analytics.

This deployment expands IXUP’s data modelling and enrichment capabilities and adds to the already impressive security features that are underpinned by homomorphic encryption.

This is the fourth release for IXUP in the last 12 months and applies the learnings from the real world experiences of its customers.

“We’ve been working closely with our clients to learn how they are using our platform to solve their business problems. For this release we’ve focused on enhancing features for our co-marketing clients, adding in new modelling capabilities that will help them monetise their data assets more effectively,” said Paul Wee, Head of Product at IXUP.

The use cases for IXUP in co-marketing are endless. As privacy compliance becomes increasingly complex, IXUP offers a secure way for marketers to collaborate with partners and perform joint analytics without comprising the privacy of their organisation or their customers.

“At IXUP we are constantly looking at how we can improve our product to ensure it capitalises on the latest research innovations but most importantly is responsive to the evolving needs of our clients. The analytics and data collaboration world is moving at pace and our research and development is right there with it,” added Mr Wee.

What’s new about IXUP’s latest release?

Expanded Data Modelling and Enrichment Capabilities

These capabilities empower users to explore a broader variety of use cases by expanding our tool suite for working with encrypted data. In addition to our existing “Inner Join” (which performs a Private Set Intersection), users now have access to:

Encrypted Left Join:

This allows users to enrich their data sets with one or more incomplete data sets. For example, a marketer from Company A is looking to enrich their customer data with demographic data from Company B and expenditure data from Company C; however, not all customers can be found in both data sets.

Encrypted Exclude:

This allows users to identify subsets of data not found in another data set. For example, in a joint marketing campaign, Company A could use this to exclude customers they have in common with Company B, to avoid promoting to customers who have already been serviced.

Other Inclusions

Bug Fixes:

  • Column headers longer than 50 characters will no longer fail on ingestion.


  • Users can now quickly validate the set-up of the Encryption by clicking the “Test connection” button on the Encryption Gateway configuration page.
  • Improved handling of non-ASCII characters.
  • General optimisations to page loading and navigation performance.
  • Interactive user guides added to help ease new users into the platform.
  • “Exact Match” and “Probabilistic Match” consolidated into a single action – “Inner Join”.


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