It’s been an exciting year for IXUP. As the year comes to a close, we look back on some of our highlights, from transforming the IXUP platform to building relationships with new partners and clients.

Embraced homomorphic encryption 

We implemented Microsoft SEAL, a homomorphic encryption library developed by Microsoft Research. Homomorphic encryption is a key piece in the future data analytics value chain. This level of encryption enables parties to confidently share and analyse data on the IXUP platform, secure in the knowledge they are fully compliant with data governance regulations as well as protected against digital threats. Unlike traditional techniques, homomorphic encryption protects data at every step in the process – at rest, in transit and in use – so at no point is it vulnerable to the risk of data loss or misuse.

Adopted world-class governance frameworks 

We adopted world-class governance, incorporating the Five Safes framework. Helping to ensure the safe use of data, this framework has been developed by the UK Data Service and is recognised and adopted by the Australian Government. It enables a multi-dimensional approach to minimise disclosure risk, with five key dimensions: projects, people, setting, data and output.

Improved delivery to clients 

The introduction of an on-demand, software as a service (SaaS) model complementing our existing platform as a service (PaaS) capability was a significant move that extended our market and leverages growing industry demand for flexible cloud computing services.

Enhanced user experience 

Our platform got better and better with two releases increasing flexibility, control and adding a range of general enhancements to improve the experience of users.

  • Contractual Specification + Digital Signatures
  • Expanded Analytics Options – Protected Compute
  • Probabilistic Range Filtering
  • Enhanced Client-Side Processing Capability
  • Improved Homomorphic Computation Performance

Expanded our networks 

Deloitte Australia, entered a partnership with IXUP to resell the platform to its clients and partners through its consulting practice providing clients with a single access point for advanced analytics service offerings.

Eyed up the US

IXUP was selected to join the Austrade Landing Pad program. The San Francisco-based hub provides corporate residency and advisory services to support IXUP’s growth into the USA – the world’s largest security market.

Towards 2020

We anticipate a strong future for IXUP as data analytics becomes a fundamental, and fast growing part of the digital economy. IXUP is constantly evolving to capitalise on technological advancements, responding to the ever-increasing risks in the environment and, most importantly, the needs of organisations to make the most of their data while preserving the privacy of customers.

Thanks to our supporters, partners, clients and staff. We look forward to working with you all in 2020!