IXUP announces general availability of platform


Secure data and trusted collaboration company IXUP (ASX: IXU) today announced the general market availability and production release of its software data collaboration platform.

Sydney-based IXUP is a pioneer of secure data collaboration, enabling organisations to achieve significant business insights from matching data without compromising security.

Executive chairman Tim Ebbeck says this release completed final user acceptance testing at the end of April as scheduled, and represents an exciting step in the evolution of IXUP’s patented software and its commercialisation journey.

“This is a significant step for IXUP as we formally release to market our cloud-deployed, enterprise software solution for secure data collaboration. Having completed user-acceptance testing, we have now made this version generally available. IXUP has developed game-changing technology for organisations to collaborate securely while retaining full control over their data. This release is another big step forward in the commercialisation of our offering and we are actively pursuing opportunities in market right now.”

This release offers several new features, including:

  • Streamlining the user experience and simplifying secure multi-party data collaborations
  • Application programming interfaces (API’s) for platform customers and partners to build and
  • integrate enhanced data ingestion and automation capabilities
  • Enhanced branding capabilities that further enable customers and partners to promote their
  • organisations within collaborations
  • Resource collection management to provide customers and partners with additional cost
  • control options for managing substantial amounts of resources, data and schedules
  • Additional collaborator classifications that further assist customers and partners in offering
  • differentiated collaboration participation classes
  • Improved workbenches that provide users with fully integrated and secure working environments directly within the IXUP collaboration platform. This further streamlines data collaborations and reduces the time to achieve results.

IXUP’s actuarial consulting partner Finity has successfully completed acceptance testing and the new release will help Finity expand its data collaboration and analytics services.

Ebbeck says the release is an important milestone in IXUP’s commercialisation.

“IXUP was founded on the premise that sharing data, and handing it over to parties outside your organisation, is very dangerous. Recent global data losses have further substantiated our view, and reports indicate Boards and Executives have data security front of mind. IXUP partners and their customers are now able to enjoy the benefits of richer insights, confident that their data is secure in trusted collaborations, and not in another organisation’s control.”

Following this production release, versions prior to the third generation (including proof of concept and customised versions) will be phased out as the organisation progesses to a regular release cycle.

During the rest of calendar 2018, IXUP will accelerate its focus on expanding interfaces to ingest additional data formats to provide a richer service delivery platform.

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