IXUP Announces Executive Changes


Secure data and trusted collaboration company IXUP Limited (IXUP or the Company) (ASX: IXU) is pleased to announce changes to the executive management of the Company as it continues to commercialise its capability.

Appointment of David Bonham as Chief Operating Officer

Effective immediately, David Bonham has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of IXUP in addition to his role as Chief Financial Officer. Mr Bonham joined IXUP earlier this year from BUPA’s Dental Corporation where he was Managing Director. He replaces Marc Goldman who left IXUP on 6 July 2018 after 18 months.

IXUP Executive Chairman Tim Ebbeck said: “David has made a tremendous difference to the IXUP business since he joined us and has demonstrated the value of a broadly experienced executive to a small growing organisation. He has a natural affinity for the business, our wonderful people, and the market in which we focus. He will comfortably handle the expanded responsibility and work with our team to drive this business forward.

David as COO and CFO, Anthony Turco as Head of Product, Paul Coe as Head of Development, Rob Mills as Head of Sales, Tim Scott as Head of Strategic Engagements along with Founder and Head of Innovation Dean Joscelyne form a formidable team of driven and focused professionals who are committed to leading IXUP to become the global standard in data collaboration.

I’d like to thank Marc Goldman for his work over his time with IXUP, which included working on the successful IPO. We wish Marc the best for his future.”

Extension to Executive Chairman contract as CEO

Executive Chairman, Tim Ebbeck, took on the role as Acting CEO as part of his responsibilities as Executive Chairman prior to the company’s IPO in November 2017. That arrangement has now been extended.

IXUP Founder and Executive Director Dean Joscelyne said: “Since the IPO, Tim and I have been building the new IXUP team and driving our commercialisation efforts. Momentum is clearly building. While it’s still early stages, I am very pleased by the progress we are making. I believe IXUP can be a successful global player. Our unique, encrypted software technology enables organisations to collaborate with data safely and securely, and this helps them derive superior insights in a safer way than from the old data-sharing model. Our ongoing development roadmap will further expand on our capabilities. We’ve recruited some first-rate data and technology professionals who have joined IXUP because they see the potential of the business. We will continue to expand the team, including building up succession capability, as we continue to build traction taking IXUP’s innovative solution to market.”

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