Head Office for Australian Privacy Enhancing Technology Company, IXUP Limited. NSW Minister Dominello launches HQ at Sub Base Platypus


  • Australian scaleup, IXUP Limited doubles down on local jobs, growing its technical team and expanding its sales and marketing reach
  • World leading implementation of homomorphic encryption brings privacy enhancing technology to a global audience from the shores of Sydney Harbour.

IXUP Limited have officially opened the headquarters of their Privacy Enhancing Technology company at the former submarine base, Sub Base Platypus, in North Sydney.

The Hon. Victor Dominello, Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, Minister for Small Business, Minister for Fair Trading formally launched the new office, which is home to a local team of leading cyber security and tech developers who are delivering the future of secure data for business and government.

Increasingly, government agencies and businesses must safely and compliantly gather and manage sensitive private information at scale. IXUP, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, has implemented Microsoft’s SEAL homomorphic encryption technology to manage the challenge of extracting insights while maintaining data confidentiality. This means analysts and data scientists can do their job more securely, supported by encryption and, with the backing of an integrated Five Safes Framework, within an internationally compliant environment.

The North Sydney location was chosen as the HQ for IXUP to tap into Australia’s rich local development talent base.

“We wanted to create a space where local talent could shape the future of safe data sharing,” said Paul Coe, CTO of IXUP. “You need insights from different data sets to generate true value for business and government, but data security and privacy is limiting the generation of those insights. Homomorphic encryption enables different organisations to share encrypted data and generate insights without ever decrypting the data. It’s privacy by design, and it will revolutionise the future of data security.”

IXUP is also currently working with global sporting organisations and gaming companies, deploying their technology to support self-exclusion from betting among problem gamblers as well as tracking impermissible betting for sport leagues: players, employees and team management for various sports. It is also exploring how the technology can be used to protect sensitive customer data in loyalty and marketing as well as consumer data rights in the open finance sector.

Executive Director of the Harbour Trust, Janet Carding said, “Sub Base Platypus is a place of innovation and knowledge inspired by the rich industrial and military legacy of our site. We are excited to welcome IXUP to be part of this emerging business community on North Sydney’s foreshore.“

The former submarine base is a perfect location for the company delivering a secure digital future for global businesses and government.

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