Multi-Party Analytics

Use digital signatures and Two-Person Integrity (TPI) for sign off and more secure collaborations.

Homomorphic Encryption

Undertake complex mathematical computations over encrypted data and harness Microsoft’s SEAL library for homomorphic computations.

Governance & Audit Log

View user reports on all operations performed on your data in real-time, and adhere to Australian Government compliance with The Five Safes Framework built into IXUP.

Fuzzy Matching

Perform privacy-preserving probabilistic record linkage for optimised matching, and probabilistic range filtering to maximise your matches.

Geo Matching

Link and aggregate address results to postcodes or statistical units.

Design Canvas

Employ an easy to use drag-and-drop interface to help run your project.

Reporting Tools

Export your results directly to the tools you love like Power BI or Tableau.

Data Warehouses

Import/Export data from trusted platforms like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, AWS, and Google Cloud Storage.

Built on Microsoft Azure

Operate entirely within the highly secure Microsoft Azure environment.