Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know how many insights my company has used?

A: Users are able to monitor insight usage within the IXUP platform.

Q: What if I go over my plan’s limits?

A: Additional insights per packages can be purchased at the agreed rate.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?

A: At this stage, the best way to view the IXUP platform is by requesting a demonstration with one of our team members.

Q: Does my data need to be in a particular format?

A: The IXUP platform can ingest data in most common structured data formats including csv, xls, xml and SQL.

Q: Can I use my own business intelligence app?

A: The platform supports the integration with PowerBI, Tableau or any
applications that can connect to an OData source.

Q: Which type of encryption do you use?

A: Our encryption protocol is the NIST approved AES-256. For specific product features, we also generate privacy-preserving record linkage codes using Bloom filters. Most recently, we‘ve added Microsoft’s Homomorphic Encryption library SEAL – with the implementation of the technology reviewed by Microsoft Research.

Q: How many rows / columns of data can the platform ingest?

A: The platform is based on Azure SQL and Azure SQL Data warehouse. It has the same limits as these industry standard database platforms.

Q: Can I connect to SQL and SAS databases?

A: Yes. IXUP supports connections to Azure SQL, on-premise SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, AWS RedShift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake.

Q: How do I ensure all my data is removed once I completed my collaboration project?

A: Since no data is ever retained within the IXUP platform, you can be certain that your company’s data has not been stored.