Data analytics gives healthcare a booster

The medical industry has always been an early adopter of technology. And now a broad spectrum of treatment is being enhanced by smart machines that learn from the data they record to better understand diseases and disorders.

The Internet of Things is providing new capabilities in linking the data of disparate participants and the machines collecting unstructured data. New generations of blood pressure monitors through to nanotech bots are equipped to join a seamless network that can provide unprecedented, comprehensive insights into the human body. This mosaic of information can improve diagnosis, treatment, prevention and continuous learning.

Just as a physician considers the entire human physiology to diagnose presenting conditions, multiple healthcare providers can combine all their data to create a detailed, holistic picture of patients. This can improve patient care, and equally important, contribute to population-wide datasets that support medical innovation and research.

The IXUP prescription for healthcare

The healthcare industry has embarked on this exciting journey by collecting a vast array of information from multiple participants and patients to make it more useful and meaningful. However, this effort has been constrained by regulations that strictly control how private patient data is collected, stored and used. Until now, using this information for good required stripping the data of many of its most meaningful aspects, to the point that it diminishes its usefulness. IXUP’s patented environment and processes addresses all the concerns around data privacy, governance and compliance, while simultaneously advancing the potential of data analytics. On our trusted and secure platform, all parties have full control and ownership of their data at all times. This means they can conduct detailed analytics on rich data and unveil unprecedented insights.

IXUP’s protection promise

Our fundamental promise is the security of our platform. IXUP’s unique technology ensures that every cell of information is encrypted with a key that is always in the sole possession of the data owner. This means insights can be derived from raw data at a level of definition and precision that cannot be achieved when it’s anonymised to comply with privacy restrictions. In the healthcare industry, where diagnoses and treatment can pivot on a single gene marker, this is an exciting new competency for the medical profession.

Beyond patient care is the benefit of transparency. The trends analysis and pattern recognition that emerges from data analytics of patient, provider and insurer information can also be used to detect fraud or out of profile data points. IXUP’s software permits providers to examine other data to detect illegal or divergent activity, with the ultimate benefit of managing healthcare more effectively.

Every participant in the system benefits. By ensuring expensive illegal activity is excised, the system becomes more cost efficient. The outcome is a significant advance in the movement towards value-based payments for patient care.