Your data is only part of a bigger story. Imagine being able to enrich it; to uncover hidden insights;
to empower innovation, productivity and customer experience.

Now imagine being able to extract this value without ever putting your data at risk, without exposing it to a third party, without breaching privacy or resorting to anonymisation that strips away its usefulness.

It’s time to realise the promise of true data collaboration – trusted, encrypted and always in your complete control.

IXUP is a secure data collaboration environment. Data remains encrypted while our unique process identifies the commonalities in encrypted streams from multiple collaborators.

IXUP is a unique software environment that provides a secure space in which these can be analysed for insights. IXUP facilitates collaboration between business partners, with each party retaining the integrity of their own data at all times.

Realise the promise of data collaboration, unleashed by IXUP.