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Researchers and medical providers can use trusted data collaboration to discover insights into patterns of patient care across hospitals and medical facilities, without every compromising patient privacy.

The healthcare industry touches everyone – as patients interact with different medical professions, healthcare providers and allied industries such as insurance, vast quantities of data are generated. This data can be harnessed to enhance patient-centric care and outcomes and achieve better efficiencies and cost management.

The potential is significant, but there are also substantial challenges, such as ensuring robust and integrated security to protect patient privacy. At IXUP, we understand how data can deliver the next level in patient care and management, and we can help all the participants to collaborate securely to make the most of their data.

Opportunities from data collaboration in healthcare

Medical treatment is being enhanced by smart machines that learn from their data to improve early identification. In addition, the data of disparate participants and machines that record unstructured data – everything from blood pressure to nanotechnology for cancer detection – can be enriched by combining it to produce unprecedented insights for treatment and continuous learning.

Just as a physician considers the entire human physiology to identify maladies, multiple healthcare providers can combine all their data to create a detailed, holistic picture of patients. This leads to more precise diagnosis and treatment of individual patients and contributes to data sets from the wider population to support medical innovation and research.

The IXUP solution for Healthcare

To achieve this outcome, the healthcare industry must combine, poorly organised information from multiple participants or patients, and enrich it to make it useful and valuable. Growing regulatory focus has placed substantial limitations on using confidential patient data, so until now, this has meant stripping away many of the meaningful details in the data to the point that it loses its utility. IXUP’s patent-protect software platform addresses all the concerns about data privacy, governance and compliance, while simultaneously advancing the potential of data to improve patient outcomes. With our trusted and secure collaboration, all parties have full control and ownership of their data at all times.

IXUP’s protection promise

IXUP does this by ensuring that patient data is never shared with any other participant on our platform. Our unique technology ensures that every cell of information is encrypted to a key that is always in the sole possession of the data owner. This means insights can be derived from raw data at a level of definition and precision that cannot be achieved when it must be anonymised to comply with privacy restrictions. In the healthcare industry, where diagnoses and treatment can pivot on a single gene marker, this is an exciting new competency for the medical profession.

Beyond patient care is the benefit of transparency. The trends analysis and pattern recognition that emerges from secure collaboration on patient, provider and insurer data can also be used to detect fraud in the system.  IXUP’s software also permits providers to examine other data to detect illegal activity, with the ultimate benefit of managing healthcare inflation more effectively.

This benefits every participant by ensuring that the expense of illegal activity can be excised, promoting cost-efficiencies and supporting the movement towards value-based payments for patient care.

Healthcare resources

To find out more about how we can help you make the most of your data to improve patient care and improve your efficiencies, view our healthcare resources.

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